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Vanessa has single-handedly run 9 successful crowdfunds across both Indiegogo and Kickstarter, fully funding her award-winning short films from script through to premiere and international film festivals. She’s a multi-skilled filmmaker – a screenwriter, producer, actress and director and has won awards for her writing, filmmaking and acting.


Her first crowdfunded short film SEEING HIM won 15 awards on the international festival circuit and screened at 35 festivals including the opening gala of the Oscar qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival. Her second crowdfunded short film BUS STOP is currently on the festival circuit and has already won six awards including best screenplay, best actress and best film.

Her third and fourth crowdfunded short films THE LONG WALK HOME has just been completed and SMALL TALK is currently in pre-production.


Vanessa has the knowledge and the experience to de-mystify the whole crowdfunding process from layout, to pitch video, to perks and will share with you the Cardinal Sins of Crowdfunding and how to avoid them.

Nine Yards offers you several options for digging out some of this filmmaking gold:


Dates for future Masterclasses will be published when we have them

Vanessa has run crowdfunding masterclasses at New Renaissance Film Festival and The London Screenwriters’ Festival.

What people have said about Vanessa's Crowdfunding Masterclasses:

“Vanessa gives the encouragement that everyone who is willing to work hard can do this.”
LK, Filmmaker & Actor
5 Stars!

“The information offered in this class was rigid, concise and structured in a way crowdfunding made sense to someone who has no experience of it whatsoever. Vanessa is so down to earth and passionate about filmmaking, she is someone who gives you the confidence to go out and run a successful crowdfund!”
SB, Writer
5 Stars!

“This class is full of real world advice instead of the usual platitudes. Also made some great contacts, there was a great vibe in the room.”
PS, Filmmaker
5 Stars!

"Vanessa’s seminar delivers tonnes of awesome tips, delivered in a way to make you feel like you CAN run a successful crowdfund campaign!”
GM, Director & Writer
5 Stars!


Sometimes knowing that someone is there to give you real-time support can make all the difference. One2one coaching offers you the opportunity to have Vanessa look through your crowdfund, share tips and advice through hour-long Skype conversations both before and during your crowdfund.


the basics

  • 1 hr Skype consult for a campaign in early stages of prep

  • £50



  • Review of an existing campaign either pre or already launched.

  • 1 hr Skype Consult

  • Written notes on remedy actions to take.

  • Turnaround strategy

  • £125



  • Consult, guidance and comprehensive strategy throughout all stages of campaign inc:

  • Prep - Written action plan

  • Prep – 1 x 1hr Skype

  • Launch – 1 x 30 min Skype session

  • During – 2 x 30 min Skype sessions

  • Oh No! – 1 x 30 min 999 call redeemable at any time

  • £350

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